LOW-END Glider Event – The Philosophy.

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LOW-END Glider Event – The Philosophy.

Postby John Verschoor » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:20 pm

LOW-END Glider Event – The Philosophy.


This is NOT an attempt to claim or steal the Sunday/Thursday timeslot.
If any more experienced organisation starts their speed/sky/cheese/other cup I'll happily shut down my server and join their competition instead.

As there has been no sign of activity on the Sundays and Thursdays yet i thought i would give it a try myself. The name LOW-END is of course linked to the original, legendary LOWLANDS competition, but it is also a clue tot he way i intend to run this event.
I’m avoiding the words competition, race, winner etc. because i don't want to get involved in pointless discussions about penalties, outlandings that are accidentally counted as a crash, pilots that couldn’t upload their flightrack etc. The results will be published so participants can see how well they did, but there will be no champagne or flowers
So, i plan to host a series of tasks that are fun to fly, trough a variety of sceneries, with a variety of glider types. I’ll link the tasks together with a funny storyline in an attempt to get pilots more involved.

Just keep an eye on this forum, First task will be next Sunday.

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