LOW-END Glider Event – Basic rules and settings.

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LOW-END Glider Event – Basic rules and settings.

Postby John Verschoor » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:27 pm

The name LOW-END Gliding event obviously gives away that this will not be a high level competition.
I want to keep my tasks efficient, i.e., spend time flying instead of waiting in row for a tow or waiting for the startline to open.
By using airborne and a short join in timestart i intend to give more options. Those that want to fly early can get away soon, those that want to fly later can join the server, land, go wash the dishes and hug the kids, then restart and be ready to fly. If there is enough demand i might add a later server, at 21:00 CET for instance.

No registration needed, no passwords.
SERVER OPEN 20:00 CET (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin)
Jointime 20 minutes, race in time 3 minutes, startline open 60 minutes
Airborne start
Callsign visibility distance 4 km
No external views
Cloud penalty enabled
Mid-air crash recovery enabled
Results will be taken from the server, no need to upload ftr files.
I know this is an open invitation to cheaters, but how silly wouldn't it be to cheat in an event that isn’t a real race?
This does mean that server disconnects will be considered a crash. Of course you can finish the task offline, note your speed and compare it to others later, but it will be a crash in the results. Not really a problem, since… it isn’t a race.

This all might not be appealing to pilots that fly with a competitive edge. I say, just give it a try, and if you don't like it, well, there are several other competitions that are about winning.

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