LOW-END glider event briefing DAY3

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LOW-END glider event briefing DAY3

Postby John Verschoor » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:01 pm


No PDA today… Back to oldschool maps and magnets for navigation!
Take-off is at Elvenes, fly east for a few km’s to find the startpoint.
Turnpoint helpers are available, press the j key to see them (only 1km) This should not spoil the navigation challenge, but will take the stress out of the photo moment. Just take a screenshot of your left wingtip aiming at the place where the pole hits the ground. Mind you, the take-off airfield is NOT the startpoint.

From the startpoint, fly NNE (27 deg) to Bardufoss, just follow the river. It’s a large airfield, easy to find.
For TP2, just look at the map and choose your route. A NE course will bring you to a nice ridge, TP2 is at the end of it.
From TP2 take a course 116, it will bring you to the finish.
Don’t be intimidated by the late start, summers in Norway have very long days.
The low sun will heat up the ridges we need, and provide a bit of navigation aid.
Be intimidated by the birds that hover above the trees, they are KILLERS. Do NOT go near them!

Landscape: NorthernNorway
TakeOff: Elvenes
Start: NEW TP
1. TP: Bardufoss
2. TP: Nord Lenangen
Finish: Sorkjosen
Total distance: 179.4 km

Start time: 17:00:00

Plane class: 18-meter

Wind dir: 243 °
Wind speed: 14 km/h
Thermal strength: Average
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Re: LOW-END glider event briefing DAY3

Postby Fransois » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:19 am

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