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LOW-END glider event....The end...for now...

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:16 pm
by John Verschoor
As i announced in the "philosophy" topic, i will end the LOW-END glider event if a large organizer starts a competition on the Sunday-Thursday evenings.

As SBC2016 has been announced to start next Thursday, last Sunday was the last LOW-END task... for now.
It's a pity they announced it at such short notice, but i'm glad SBC2016 will start, as the big Sunday-Thurday competition have been very important to the condor community.

I will take my server, the storyline, the tasks, a lot of beer, some leftover haggis and SOI's favorite moose and stuff it all in a big fridge for later use.

I don't know when , where or why, but LOW-END shall return!!

Thanks to all that joined the tasks and contributed to the storyline.

I had a lot of fun learning how to set up a server, set tasks, host tasks and create the storyline.

See you all at SBC2016!