Conventions for Emails

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Conventions for Emails

Postby KarlKoch » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:22 pm

Hello Competitors,

i would like to save me some time, therefore, i would like you to follow these rules when sending an email to

    -Subject should look like: "CN, Day X, disconnected/outlanded/..."
    -Body should contain information about your flight, like what server you flew on, if you finished or not,...
    -Attachments should be named with your CN only
    -Screenshots: be sure to use "JPG" for screenshots

You won't believe how many players had the idea to call their attached IGC file "Lowlands 5", "246.2km" or similar... :roll:
If you simply name it after your CN, i can save the time renaming them.

For screenshots: name them after your CN, send only 1 screenshot of an outlanding (I prefer screenshots from the inside of plane, because if you crashed, you can't access cockpit anymore). If you want to send screenshots for the website, please send them in another email with a clear subject saying this.

If you finished on the server correctly, there is no need to submit IGC files or screenshots. Only if you disconnected or outlanded, there is a need. :wink:

Please follow these guidelines, otherwise i will have to think of penaltys. Its easy for you to rename them, but i have to look what CN you have, find the file and rename it. Thank you very much.

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Postby KarlKoch » Mon Nov 28, 2005 2:55 am

Okay guys,

since some people again did not follow these guidelines, i will not score

    any emails not labeled correctly
    any IGC files not labeled correctly
    any *.ftr files

from the next race on.

As you can see, its 2o'clock in the morning here, i scored your flights until now. I do that for you, because i know how very you guys want to know your standings and the results of the others. So i think it is not much to follow the guidelines above.

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Postby Vertigo » Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:59 pm

Most people are doing a great job respecting our mail conventions now, thank you very much, it saves us a lot of time and headaches.

Those that still don't (usually new competitors) sometimes don't understand why we insist so much on these rules. The reason is simple: this lowlands cup gmail account is *only* used for Lowlands Cup, and it has been created after day 3 I believe, so just 7 race days ago. keeping that in mind, maybe this picture will help you understand why we insist you use the above, simple guidelines:


2700+ emails...

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