What screen size?

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What screen size?

Postby witor » Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:35 pm

Sitting on a chair with pedals on the floor and stick and throttle on the desk is quite uncomfortable after short period of time. So I decided to build a simple sim pit. Nothing fancy, just car seat and pedals mounted to the MDF board (with some sort of ergonomic stand for throttle and stick of course). I am also thinking about bigger screen which will be at the eyes level about 1-1.5m away + trackir. I am thinking about 50 inch plasma tv but I am not sure if it is not to big. What do you think? Does anyone have a similar setup? All suggestions and opinions are welcomed. By the way… I am not a fan of projectors. They are to noisy.

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Re: What screen size?

Postby phercek » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:31 pm

Find out yourself. Read the 3rd paragraph here:

It is a compromise between pixelation and the angle of view. You want the biggest non-obscured angle of view for better immersion, but it is limited:
  • you want to see both sides of the screen with both eyes (without moving head) - this gives you one limit for the minimum distance (the limit at about 110°, depends on how flat your nose is); you can ignore this for non-3D multi-monitor setups (especially if the game allows FOV changes)
  • you do not want to see individual pixels much - this gives you another limit for the minimum distance; you can reduce the pixelation problem (and therefore lower this limit) with antialiasing: before trying as mentioned in the post (I linked to) force antialiasing on for Condor in your VGA driver properties
  • with big angles of view you can get dizzy after playing for a longer time, this is different for everybody and happens because of conflicts between eye and inner ear inputs, and because of incorrect far side distortion (an issue if the game allows to set FOV); but this typically starts only after angles of 110° or more so it is mostly not an issue; you can also train yourself against the dizziness by playing often

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