Microsoft forced feedback Hack & hand present sensor

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Microsoft forced feedback Hack & hand present sensor

Postby Edwinnow » Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:48 am


I have hacked the ms ffb2 to use the parts for a cockpit with forced feedback.

iv installed the motors in the cockpit and connected them with all the correct geometry etc also i have extended the handle complete with hand present sensor and hat switches so it is now ontop of the stick in the cockpit.
Iv double checked my wiring but there are no faults.
Never the less the controller board never registers the hand present signal )-: (i am presuming)
The sensor is a ir diode transmitter and receiver in the front of the stick so the beam gets broken by your hand when its present this allows the motors to power on.
I checked the power to the diodes and one has 0.5v ac at around 3.6 khz according to my meter (i dont trust this frequency reading) and the other i think the receiver has 0.19 v ac on it, i checked it does drop to 0 when i break the beam.

perhaps the problem is voltge drop due to having long cables so i checked the voltage at the controller board but its only fractionaly higher 0.52 v for the supply.
You would think that if the beam failed or wasnt strong enough then it would think the beam was broken (hand present) but perhaps its to clever.

Anybody got any ideas experience of this?


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