Mach 0.1 Cockpit simulator

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Mach 0.1 Cockpit simulator

Postby pstrzel » Wed May 11, 2016 10:24 pm

The builder has only posted this within the last 24 hrs on rec.aviation.soaring, but I presume he won't mind me sharing this with a wider audience. He's a well known author of instruction manuals.

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Re: Mach 0.1 Cockpit simulator

Postby RodNoc123 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:51 pm

Thank you so much for posting this!

The "Cockpit simulator" he offers is one thing.

But the Flight School lessons he has produced have much greater value, in my opinion - and they are available for free on his homepage.

I'm a real life pilot who hasn't flown for a year and at present mainly use Condor to train specific things in order to safely get back into the "real thing". (I'll do check flights with an instructor, too, of course).

The way these freely available lessons are built make Condor much more efficient for this purpose than starting Condor flights the regular way each time. Example: precision landing lessons with the plane already positioned in the final allow for much quicker repetitions and therewith more focused training. Having a series of didactically useful aircraft positions and preset weather conditions to choose from with no more than two or three mouse clicks is just brilliant.

With these lessons, a lot of that is already available: you can choose specific, pre-defined tasks and work on one thing repetitively until you get it right. Starting over or switching to the next training task just takes 3-4 clicks and a couple of seconds. This is crucial!

That way, you get a learning curve that beats not only real life soaring by a mile but also gets around the usual "setup process" for "regular" Condor flights.

I very much hope these lessons will also work in V2 and that there are more lessons to come. There certainly is no shortage of possible lessons to be implemented: mountain flying, flying in traffic, dealing with specific dangers of certain planes, optimizing cross country performance, aerobatics, and so on and so on.

Besides the fun Condor provides, this could be its most valuable use. OXO, you should work with this guy and make Condor THE must-have simulator for flight schools and real life pilots in general.

Highly recommended!

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