Extremely cheap Condor > PNA (LK8000) adapter hack

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Re: Extremely cheap Condor > PNA (LK8000) adapter hack

Postby dudescuman » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:07 am

no idea?

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Re: Extremely cheap Condor > PNA (LK8000) adapter hack

Postby ParaSoar » Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:32 pm

I'm not sure what you are saying regarding USB port and activesync. You don't need that. And you can't get gps data into seeyou with this cable, as it is one-way only (from PC to PNA).

In condor, you have to select the COM port that the USB end of the cable works on, which you can indeed find in Device Manager.

The port on your wayteq, however, is chosen by the device itself. You will have to find this information somewhere, or find it out by yourself. Condor uses a baudrate of 4800. So you can simply start a flight (when you start flying, condor will start outputting NMEA data) and then try every com port setting in LK8000 on your wayteq.

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Re: Extremely cheap Condor > PNA (LK8000) adapter hack

Postby roto20 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:44 am

I stumbled upon a way to connect the Vertica V2 running LK8000 (aka glider guider, Avier) to Condor without the Ca42 or DKU5.

I was so fed up with my cable that didn't work I decided to download XCSoar and see if I could get that to communicate via wifi. Well the V2 doesn't have wifi, but what I found was way better! There is a article describing how to connect XCSoar to condor using a program called GPSGate. The program (gps gate) translates the NMEA signal to the V2 into data that it can read, behaving like a serial port.


Active sync (now windows mobile device center) make the connection between the PC and Pocket PC (V2, Avier) and GPS Gate. Gps gate has to be running on both devices.

Here is the tutorial:

"If you don't have a serial cable you can use your USB connection with a special software:

GPSGate (http://franson.com/gpsgate/) is a software to split one GPS-source into many 'virtual' sources, so that more than one program can use a single GPS-source and it’s able to sent the GPS-source via ActiveSync

How to setup this?

Part I: Setup your Windows

1) Use GPSGate 2.6 or higher
2) Load GPSGate for Windows: http://franson.com/gpsgate/
3) Start GPSGate
4) Don’t use the Wizard click on “Advanced setup…”
5) Set “Virtual COM” as input (e.g. Com 2) and click “Open”
6) Go to “Output” and add “ActiveSync”
7) Start Condor
8) Enable NMEA output at setup-dialogue and choose your virtual COM port (COM2 - see above)

Now, GPSGate will take the GPS-data from Condor and provides it via ActiveSync

Part II: Setup your PocketPC

1) Install GPSGate for PocketPC: http://franson.com/gpsgate/
2) Don’t use the Wizard click "Manual"
3) Choose "ActiveSync" as GPS-input
4) Create "Virtual COM Port" as output for your GPS-data (e.g. COM5)
5) Start XCSoar
6) choose your virtual COM port (COM5) as GPS-input

That's it.

I hope you have success with this small tutorial."

Hopefully others can read this post before making the cable.


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Re: Extremely cheap Condor > PNA (LK8000) adapter hack

Postby roto20 » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:38 am

Working condor cable LK8000 to Vertica V2
I ran in to a heck of a lot of problems trying to get Condor GPS data working on my vertica/ avier V2. I FINALLY got it working after trying 2 different cables and a ton of different settings.
This is what worked on my V2 with Condor using a generic pl2303hx cable. Note, no soldering of any terminals was needed (as some have said) to get any device to be recognized as a serial port. Just splice your pl2303 cable to your mini usb and your good to go. I haven’t had any issues with the 5v output for the red power wire.
1. The Tx and Rx wires had to be reversed on my pl2303 to min usb.
2. For the V2 you must use the mini usb 5 pin to 10 pin converter cable supplied while flying condor. Not necessary while moving files.
3. GPS settings for the PROGRAM PORT in windows mobile need to be set for the same COM port you set in LK. Hardware port is None, and baud rate is set to 4800 in the windows mobile settings.
4. LK Device configuration settings for GPS Devices should both be configured for COM7 with a baudrate of 4800 and 8 bit.
The generic PL2303HX cable works. You can buy any mini usb cable.
PL2303HX USB To TTL To UART RS232 COM Cable Module Converter. Available on amazon. This one has the knockoff chip in it but it works fine.

This driver works: Prolific driver version 3.3.2 from 2008

I found the driver here:
Here is another source

Windows will install a generic driver, it might work but I confirmed Prolific driver version 3.3.2 from 2008 works for this pl2303 device. Manually install this driver by updating driver with the driver you downloaded.

Wiring the cable:

I wasn’t getting any usable GPS data on LK8000 from Condor until I reversed the white and green cables, after reversed the white and green it started working right away. This maybe an issue with the 5 pin to 10 pin converter cable or the pl2303 cable.

Black cable-----GND
Green cable-----RXD (connect to mini usb white wire)
White cable-----TXD (Connect to mini usb Green wire)
Red cable -------+5V

You MUST use the 5 pin to 10 pin converter cable supplied with the V2 to get it to work.

I DID NOT have to jumper any wires or connectors to allow the device to be recognized as a serial port as some have done. Simply connect the wires on the pl2303 cable to the mini usb wires (green to white on mine).

Connect the cable and install the drivers.

Condor settings:
In device manager click on the pl2303 adapter, you will find the COM port listed. COM3 in my case. The baud rate for the cable should be 4800 under settings in device manager.

Open up condor and select the same com port as listed for the cable in device manager.

Windows mobile settings on the vertica V2 (not in LK).
GPS Settings
Programs tab
>GPS program port: COM7

Hardware tab
>GPS hardware port:
Baud: 4800

Access tab
Manage GPS automatically YES. Check this box

LK8000 settings (Device Configuration)
Device A
Name: Condor
Port: COM7
Baud: 4800 8 bit

Device B
Name: Condor
Port: COM7
Baud: 4800 8 bit

Geoid Alt: OFF
Serial mode: Normal
NMEA: Enabled
Device: Generic

Thank you to everyone who posted helpful info in other posts!
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