Rudder Pedals are pretty easy to make...

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Rudder Pedals are pretty easy to make...

Postby sisu1a » Sat Nov 16, 2013 12:18 am

Not sure why more people don't go this route, but I bought some Aeronca Champ pedals off ebay for $20 and a Logitech Attack for $5 to gut its board. With a small amount of metalwork and some scavenged pushrods springs and turnbuckles I cobbled together a set of pedals that feel and operate like real pedals, can support my full weight and I can use them to adjust my body in my cockpit like I can in my sailplane. Not sure why I didn't post these sooner, but here's a pic of what they look like. I suppose I should document the rest of my pit for that matter, it kept getting put off until it's 'done', but that just never happens...


I've been inactive with it for a long time, as I have been from soaring in general, but I miss flying dearly so need to get back on it. I don't have many more pics of the pedals, but if there is interest I can detail them better.


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Re: Rudder Pedals are pretty easy to make...

Postby Sailor Wally » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:21 am

I would like to build a set of rudder pedals like you have. I don't see any mechanical problem doing that.
How are you connecting them to the computer to make them operational??

I just came back from out local salvage station with a Logitech Driving force with a USB plug.
Just looking at the steering wheel, I thought it would be easy to mount the unit so that the wheel is horizontal and then connect linkage from the pedals to the wheel.

Will this work?? I haven't a clue about the electronics . Just hope that it would all work if I plugged in the USB plug.

Comments and assistance would be most welcomed.



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Re: Rudder Pedals are pretty easy to make...

Postby fjvflyer » Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:49 am

Hi Paul

Could you provide more info on your pedals? Dimensions and sizes of rod ends and other parts will be awesome thanks


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