SR08/09 Day1

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Postby cruiser » Sat Dec 06, 2008 12:54 am

TimKuijpers wrote:Great Task,

I know the 28 isn't the best glider in std class, but 3P must have flown really good!
Well done!

To all the other class pilots: "Look mama! only 1 hand! :P "
(flying without flaps agains all those money monsters makes me feel slow :) )

Excuses, Excuses :lol:

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Postby TimKuijpers » Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:14 am

Those big planes must be for compensation :P

I forgot to tell that I had the chatbug, so: Hi Marcin :)
Think positive, flaps negative.

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Postby Tonyh » Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:39 am

Great start to Skyrace, very good task and very good server :D

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Postby Freebird » Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:40 am

Excellent task, looking forward to the next one :)

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Tima (TSD)
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Postby Tima (TSD) » Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:11 am

La-la-la! What a nice day! Again most of community together competing against each other! Great! My great respect to organizers for this competition and their swiftness in solving problem with blue screen at the first run ot the task! Now waiting for results :).

Joost v Veelen
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Postby Joost v Veelen » Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:06 am


Jeroen, if you already knew you are not gonna finish the task, why did you pretend you where flying it?

Would have saved me some time if i didn't flew to your thermal....Think about it

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Postby kaleu » Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:22 am


I'm glad you liked the task...but I guess it will be hard to keep it as good for many flights ;) . The scoring still has to be done manually by Marek as soon as he finds the time for it, scoring will be done with the results of the Servers (we just take the km/speed, not the points :wink: ), you just have to send us your IGC in case of disconnection and we hope that in 1/2 weeks you'll be able to upload IGC so it can be downloaded from results table.
Unfortunately I couldn't be here before Racestart as I had to work some extra-hours but the 19:45-server was very nice as well :) .
It was almost full so we always had some planes around, especially close to TP1 and 3 (ok, I guess Basil Fawlty didn't meet that many pilots on task :lol: :wink: ). I flew large parts together with UWE and Simon (S1) which was very nice (and fast), thx for showing me some nice lifts :) !

S1 lowpass

Let's see what the results will show us.

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Postby ambrozic » Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:01 pm

KL, your tasks were always great and chalenging so i dont doubt you wont keep up throughout whole competition.

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Postby 22 » Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:20 pm

Results - Day1:

Standard class
1,Finished,Jack.Hart,JH,N1123W,Discus2,218 km,01:43:06,126.9 km/h,2 p,998 p,,0
2,Finished,Jon.Holland,123,G-RUSH,LS8,218 km,01:43:17,126.6 km/h,0 p,998 p,,0
3,Finished,Erik.Praznovsky,3P,OM-ERYC,Discus2,218 km,01:43:32,126.3 km/h,0 p,995 p,,0
4,Finished,Tim.Kuijpers,NX,PH-977,ASW28,218 km,01:43:33,126.3 km/h,0 p,995 p,,0
5,Finished,Pavel.Foldyna,OO,OK-8540,ASW28,218 km,01:52:16,116.5 km/h,0 p,909 p,,0
6,Finished,Vidas.Berzinskas,V7,LY-GBK,LS8,218 km,01:51:07,117.7 km/h,15 p,904 p,,0
7,Finished,Peter.Kravec,PK1,OM-OME,ASW28,218 km,01:56:31,112.3 km/h,0 p,871 p,,0
8,Finished,Five.Zulu,5Z,D-3989,ASW28,218 km,01:56:19,112.5 km/h,3 p,870 p,,0
9,Finished,Jaroslaw.Kajoch,JK,SP-2626,LS8,218 km,01:57:02,111.8 km/h,0 p,867 p,,0
10,Finished,Michal.Stolorz,M,SP-2602,LS8,218 km,01:58:21,110.5 km/h,0 p,856 p,,0
11,Finished,Reinhold.Mallik,RMM,D-2899,Discus2,218 km,02:02:50,106.5 km/h,1 p,819 p,,0
12,Finished,Ladislav.Cervinka,LAD,OK-1979,ASW28,218 km,02:03:26,106 km/h,0 p,815 p,,0
13,Finished,Stasys.Stasiunas,SSB,LY-GSS,LS8,218 km,02:07:46,102.4 km/h,0 p,784 p,,0
14,Finished,Eugene.Williams,1EW,X-BIRD,LS8,218 km,02:18:14,94.6 km/h,32 p,683 p,,0

15,Landed,Mirek.Jezek,MJJ,OK-9720,Discus2,118.5 km, , ,5 p,336 p,,0
16,Landed,Sebastian.Kedziora,01,PREZES,ASW28,29.3 km, , ,0 p,84 p,,0
17,Landed,Jaroslav.Petr,JP,OK-9715,Discus2,25.8 km, , ,0 p,74 p,,0
18,Crashed,Mihaly.Kovacs,KMI,HA-KOMI,LS8,137.1 km, , ,2 p,0 p,,0
19,Racing,Martin.Iceberg,MX,OK-8450,LS8,129.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
20,Racing,Juergen.Kartnaller,JUK,OE-JUKA,LS8,76 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
21,Racing,Henryk.Piekos,HPO,SP-3468,ASW28,38.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
22,Crashed,Michal.Strzeszewski,EMS,SP-3829,LS8,28.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
23,Crashed,Martin.Lonien,MAL,D-2101,LS8,28.7 km, , ,2 p,0 p,,0
24,Racing,Bjoern.Knappe,BK,D-0815,Discus2,22.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
25,Crashed,Alexander.Babkevich,AB,EW112AS,Discus2,16.4 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0[/b]

15 m class
1,Finished,H.Blazz,HBH,HUUU,ASW27,218 km,01:30:53,143.9 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,Simon.Berx,S1,OO-ZSB,Ventus2,218 km,01:34:15,138.8 km/h,0 p,953 p,,0
3,Finished,Sandor.Laurinyecz,LS,HA-4483,ASW27,218 km,01:34:15,138.8 km/h,0 p,953 p,,0
4,Finished,Piotr.Raczynski,PIT,SP-2901,ASW27,218 km,01:35:52,136.4 km/h,0 p,932 p,,0
5,Finished,Istvan.Urban,UP,PIT-ASS,ASW27,218 km,01:37:05,134.7 km/h,2 p,915 p,,0
6,Finished,Barbu.Gypaete,YW,HB-1966,ASW27,218 km,01:37:39,133.9 km/h,0 p,910 p,,0
7,Finished,Sergey.Timanovsky,TSD,RU-TSD,ASW27,218 km,01:37:47,133.8 km/h,0 p,908 p,,0
8,Finished,Norbert.Kiss,CN,HA-1974,ASW27,218 km,01:40:02,130.8 km/h,0 p,881 p,,0
9,Finished,Lionel.VIRELY,4V,F-CVRY,ASW27,218 km,01:41:26,129 km/h,0 p,865 p,,0
10,Finished,Gvidas.Sabeckis,SG,LY-ASG,ASW27,218 km,01:43:10,126.8 km/h,0 p,845 p,,0
11,Finished,Tomek.Uzarowski,UZI,SP-1212,ASW27,218 km,01:43:43,126.1 km/h,13 p,826 p,,0
12,Finished,Boris.Ekaterinichev,BPE,RF-SPB,ASW27,218 km,01:44:51,124.7 km/h,0 p,826 p,,0
13,Finished,Dr.Diman,DRD,DRDIMAN,ASW27,218 km,01:44:29,125.2 km/h,14 p,816 p,,0
14,Finished,Tornyai.Janos,FLY,HA-1969,ASW27,218 km,01:45:55,123.5 km/h,3 p,812 p,,0
15,Finished,Istvan.Rumpler,IR,HA-RIST,ASW27,218 km,01:46:45,122.5 km/h,1 p,805 p,,0
16,Finished,Zoran.okara,ZO,9A-FFF,ASW27,218 km,01:46:52,122.4 km/h,0 p,805 p,,0
17,Finished,Zsolt.Mattburger,MZS,HA-MACI,ASW27,218 km,01:47:46,121.4 km/h,0 p,796 p,,0
18,Finished,kestas.sabeckis,SK,EU-HIGH,ASW27,218 km,01:50:42,118.2 km/h,0 p,767 p,,0
19,Finished,P.Geza,GP9,HA-PG,ASW27,218 km,01:53:19,115.4 km/h,0 p,742 p,,0
20,Finished,Kresimir.Hrastovec,KH,9A-007,ASW27,218 km,01:53:51,114.9 km/h,1 p,736 p,,0
21,Finished,Roland.Kompos,3Z,HA-ROLI,ASW27,218 km,01:54:43,114 km/h,1 p,728 p,,0
22,Finished,Wojtek.Pelczarski,BOR,SP-2541,ASW27,218 km,01:57:58,110.9 km/h,0 p,701 p,,0
23,Finished,Marcin.Tworuszka,1MT,SP-3016,ASW27,218 km,01:58:07,110.7 km/h,0 p,700 p,,0
24,Finished,Istvan.Csonka,DJ,D-2563,ASW27,218 km,02:03:05,106.3 km/h,0 p,659 p,,0
25,Finished,Z.Pilot,4X4,4X4,ASW27,218 km,02:05:41,104.1 km/h,0 p,639 p,,0
26,Finished,Ludek.Souhrada,LS0,OK-VAV,ASW27,218 km,02:06:06,103.7 km/h,0 p,636 p,,0
27,Finished,O.Lvox,OL,EU-BOF,LS6,218 km,02:07:59,102.2 km/h,3 p,636 p,,0
28,Finished,Borislav.Antolovic,41,9A-CILA,ASW27,218 km,02:05:44,104 km/h,27 p,612 p,,0
29,Finished,Red.Alex,GDY,SP-RDA,ASW27,218 km,02:24:46,90.4 km/h,1 p,565 p,,0
30,Finished,Pavel.Schukin,PAV,RU-BEST,ASW27,218 km,02:25:58,89.6 km/h,5 p,561 p,,0
31,Finished,Sergey.Kurbanov,KSN,TURTLE,ASW27,218 km,02:20:47,92.9 km/h,6 p,560 p,,0

32,Landed,Basil.Fawlty,RCB,COCK-UP,ASW27,160.6 km, , ,2 p,408 p,,0
33,Landed,nko.volov,NV,NIOL,LS6,148.4 km, , ,5 p,380 p,,0
34,Crashed,Matyas.Bauer,MB,HA-4325,ASW27,147.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
35,Crashed,Balogh.Andras,66,HA-5117,ASW27,122.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
36,Crashed,Sasa.Mihajlovic,SM1,9A-GSM1,ASW27,39.1 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
37,Crashed,Algimantas.Vasiliauskas,AV,LY-GCN,ASW27,16.6 km, , ,6 p,0 p,,0
38,Racing,Z.Pilot,4X4,4X4,ASW27,14.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
39,Crashed,Eddi.Eagel,MWI,EU-HIGH,ASW27,12.6 km, , ,17 p,0 p,,0
40,Racing,Marcin.Martyna,MRM,SP-3423,ASW27,9.9 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
41,Racing,Daniel.Galuszka,YYY,SP-3049,ASW27,8.4 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
42,Racing,Algimantas.Vasiliauskas,AV,LY-GCN,ASW27,3.4 km, , ,5 p,0 p,,0
43,Landed,-.OnleinHein-,KA3,D-2311,Ventus2,0 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

18 m class
1,Finished,Karsten.Leucker,KL,D-4734,ASG29,218 km,01:30:14,145 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,David.Leonard,ZL,N27ZL,ASG29,218 km,01:32:09,141.9 km/h,0 p,972 p,,0
3,Finished,Uwe.Melzer,UWE,FUNFLY,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:32:29,141.4 km/h,0 p,968 p,,0
4,Finished,Martin.Semrad,MSE,OK-DAR,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:33:16,140.2 km/h,0 p,957 p,,0
5,Finished,Tadej.Krevh,TK,S5-3051,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:33:16,140.2 km/h,5 p,952 p,,0
6,Finished,Ivo.Kulich,IK,OK-CNDR,ASG29,218 km,01:34:13,138.8 km/h,0 p,944 p,,0
7,Finished,Jens.Biere,Y8,D-0917,ASG29,218 km,01:35:22,137.2 km/h,4 p,924 p,,0
8,Finished,Gregor.Ambrozic,6,S5-0000,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:36:59,134.9 km/h,10 p,897 p,,0
9,Finished,Fil.Sykora,FIL,OK-3316,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:39:09,131.9 km/h,0 p,880 p,,0
10,Finished,Emmanuel.Quartier,EQ,GOLGOTH,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:41:42,128.6 km/h,0 p,850 p,,0
11,Finished,Vaclav.Korinek,VK,OK-3806,ASG29,218 km,01:43:15,126.7 km/h,4 p,828 p,,0
12,Finished,Nico.Barat,CCP,F-CXXX,ASG29,218 km,01:44:16,125.4 km/h,3 p,818 p,,0
13,Finished,Martin.Krapf,MCC,OK-1411,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:44:42,124.9 km/h,0 p,816 p,,0
14,Finished,Annie.LEAN,AL,F-LEAN,LS8s,218 km,01:51:31,117.3 km/h,1 p,801 p,,0
15,Finished,Michel.Bonardel,BNL,F-MB17,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:51:47,117 km/h,3 p,740 p,,0
16,Finished,L.Somogyi,SL,SL-1970,ASG29,218 km,01:53:11,115.6 km/h,8 p,722 p,,0
17,Finished,Alan.Mattano,10,LV-DNT,ASG29,218 km,01:54:57,113.8 km/h,0 p,713 p,,0
18,Finished,JC.ACHARD,JA,F-DRAK,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:55:57,112.8 km/h,0 p,704 p,,0
19,Finished,Alan.Perse,AJP,CIRRUS,Ventus2cx,218 km,01:57:49,111 km/h,0 p,688 p,,0
20,Finished,Andy.Souter,E20,G-ANDY,ASG29,218 km,02:00:22,108.7 km/h,19 p,647 p,,0
21,Finished,Svato.Pelcak,PS5,OK-6816,Ventus2cx,218 km,02:07:26,102.6 km/h,0 p,611 p,,0
22,Finished,Antoine.Pocan,APO,CH-702,ASW28-18,218 km,02:18:29,94.5 km/h,0 p,581 p,,0

23,Landed,Sven.Mayer,TY,D-5941,Ventus2cx,93 km, , ,0 p,225 p,,0
24,Landed,Jeroen.Jennen,JJJ,D-1688,ASG29,17.8 km, , ,0 p,43 p,,0
25,Crashed,Sebastian.Naegel,XN,D-0787,ASG29,152.3 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
26,Racing,Vittorio.Rena,VIT,W-DELTA,ASG29,150.5 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
27,Crashed,Eric.DICXIT,AE,ER-DICX,ASG29,46.2 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
28,Crashed,Christopher.Pittrof,A7X,D-1989,ASG29,27.3 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
29,Racing,Roberto.Montiel,RMQ,EC-RMQ,ASG29,23.7 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
30,Crashed,PASCAL.BROTONS,BP,RN,ASG29,20.2 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
31,Crashed,Paul.Jallud,JAP,F-JAP,Ventus2cx,17.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0
32,Crashed,Jean-Pierre.Philippe,EXL,260,ASG29,14.8 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
33,Crashed,Pete.Allen,PWA,G-1466,ASG29,12.4 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

Open class
1,Finished,Radek.Krejcirik,XII,D-6394,ASW22,218 km,01:36:14,135.9 km/h,0 p,1000 p,,0
2,Finished,M.DGTFER,DGT,M-DGT,Nimbus4,218 km,01:36:42,135.3 km/h,0 p,992 p,,0
3,Finished,Jean-Louis.Cornez,CRZ,OO-CRZ,Nimbus4,218 km,01:37:14,134.5 km/h,0 p,983 p,,0
4,Finished,Tony.Heslegrave,TH,G-OFER,Nimbus4,218 km,01:37:14,134.5 km/h,1 p,982 p,,0
5,Finished,Kestutis.Jurkstas,F,LY-GMF,Nimbus4,218 km,01:37:43,133.9 km/h,0 p,975 p,,0
6,Finished,Joost.vanVeelen,XXX,PH-JVV,Nimbus4,218 km,01:39:19,131.7 km/h,2 p,948 p,,0
7,Finished,Horst.Jahnke,DHJ,D-2056,Nimbus4,218 km,01:40:02,130.8 km/h,0 p,938 p,,0
8,Finished,Darius.Gudziunas,D9,LY-GBH,Nimbus4,218 km,01:41:00,129.5 km/h,0 p,924 p,,0
9,Finished,Helmut.Kuenne,F9,D-2318,Nimbus4,218 km,01:41:54,128.4 km/h,0 p,910 p,,0
10,Finished,Andrew.Warbrick,AW,G-CGAR,ASW22,218 km,01:42:28,127.7 km/h,0 p,902 p,,0
11,Finished,Marek.Svozil,22,OK-2211,ASW22,218 km,01:42:33,127.5 km/h,0 p,900 p,,0
12,Finished,Tomasz.Siejek,GD5,SP-0055,ASW22,218 km,01:42:44,127.3 km/h,1 p,897 p,,0
13,Finished,Marcin.May,MAY,SP-4545,ASW22,218 km,01:46:48,122.5 km/h,0 p,840 p,,0
14,Finished,Janos.Lenarth,LJJ,HA-4511,Nimbus4,218 km,01:48:03,121.1 km/h,0 p,823 p,,0
15,Finished,jiri.holub,JHO,OK-4408,ASW22,218 km,01:54:24,114.3 km/h,0 p,743 p,,0
16,Finished,Apolinaras.Berzinskas,PB3,LY-GPB,ASW22,218 km,01:57:15,111.6 km/h,5 p,705 p,,0
17,Finished,Matthias.Schneider,SNY,D-MATZE,ASW22,218 km,02:09:15,101.2 km/h,1 p,585 p,,0

18,Landed,Brano.Ziak,BZ,BRANO,Nimbus4,151 km, , ,0 p,319 p,,0
19,Landed,Jan.Merettig,JAM,D-2386,ASW22,12.9 km, , ,0 p,27 p,,0
20,Crashed,Jerzy.Folcik,JFF,SP-5555,Nimbus4,30.6 km, , ,1 p,0 p,,0
21,Crashed,Andrzej.Maverick,AMK,SP-1004,ASW22,0.6 km, , ,0 p,0 p,,0

Still I didnt get IGCs from offliners, so if exists, will be added to official results. You can use temporary this e-mail: chbox(at)

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Postby Freebird » Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:47 pm

Close at the top of the std class :)

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Postby 3P » Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:52 pm

Freebird wrote:Close at the top of the std class :)

very close Jon, cg to Jack and u2! and NX too of course ;)

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15m result

Postby blazius » Sat Dec 06, 2008 5:42 pm

The second & third are equal time....

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Postby TimKuijpers » Sat Dec 06, 2008 6:26 pm

That's 4 well filled classes! Thumbs up!
Think positive, flaps negative.

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Postby cruiser » Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:09 pm

It would still be nice to be able to download the IGCs after the race. To learn...

Joost v Veelen
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Postby Joost v Veelen » Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:47 am

You can get mine, if you want :-)

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