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Sky Race IGC

Postby Markus22 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:14 pm

Hey guys,

I've got some questions. When I want to upload my flight, then I have to go to the SkyRace website and there I klick on IGC right? So when I want to login then SkyRace says: Sorry, you are not LOG IN or your timezone is different.
For solving this problem change your data in CRC. So, I read that I can login 1 hour before and one hour after my timezone. It means I get a timewindow of 2 hours. But how can I upload my flight, when I'm flying in this time? And one more question is, how I have to call my uploading flight?
In Condor-IGC is it like this: (For example) LS8(the glieder)010109(the date)
ZM( the competition number). Well, I register on CRC and I register for the SkyRace competition. So normaly it have to work.

Bye Markus.

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Postby 22 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:45 pm

Hi Markus,
firstly you can choose name for your IGC file as you want. System will rename his to the right name. IGC upload is mandatory only for racing day and it s Friday. Same for briefing page. Make sure if you choosed right timezone in UTC for you.

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