Kicked by Server - Slot Request Timed Out Detected

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Kicked by Server - Slot Request Timed Out Detected

Postby binsely » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:35 am

Hi My name is Osvaldo Bins Ely,

A couple weeks ago, I started having an issue,
this message comes up, and I am not able to joint the competition.

"Kicked by Server - Slot Request Timed Out Detected"

The STOP JOIN column is already OVER for almost all the Competitions.

I already Reset the computer and reinstalled Condor,
but the problem persist.

Anyone knows what is going on, or how I can fix that?

Bins Ely
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Re: Kicked by Server - Slot Request Timed Out Detected

Postby janjansen » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:59 am

To be clear, if stop join is over, its quite normal you cant join. Assume you just miswrote that though.
I would also suggest trying the official server list:

That said, Its a problem that occurs sometimes, and when it does, only a reboot will fix it. If it happens all the time, with the official server list, and on servers that are still open, it might be a problem with your firewall or antivirus. If you google your error message, you'll find someone else who had the same problem caused by Avast:

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