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new to Condor competitions

Postby Treepmeyer » Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:04 pm

Hi - I'm new to Condor competitions and find the multiple offerings bewildering. Any suggestions for competitions that might be better for a newbie? I have been flying gliders for 20 years, but am of a generation that is not at all familiar with computer gaming, so this is a bit overwhelming. Seems like it could be fun, though. Thanks.

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Re: new to Condor competitions

Postby Spirals » Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:19 am

Hi Tom

European based competitions using servers at set times more convenient on this side of the water may not fit in with your schedule.

If you are in the U.S. then you could look at and check out the US Nightly Soaring and other comps that might fit better time wise.

Alternatively just making sure you are familiar with the process of saving flights and downloading them to Condor Club and diving in to the deep end, could work. A steeper learning curve but perhaps shorter :-)

No idea what your experience is on Condor so difficult to gauge a response to your query - if I was starting again though I'd be tempted to download flightplans from an archived competition that was still running (e.g. Skybattle) and perhaps fly them against a few ghosts. The ghosts would maybe help in a few ways and at least being able to compare your result in the same conditions against a couple of hundred from the actual night of the task could be informative. It should also help with the flight planning, start and other procedures. The joining periods tend to be too long and tedious if you are flying off line so tweaking the launch time and reducing the waiting time by the same amounts should ensure that the ghosts are starting within the same start window.

If the timing of Skybattle wasn't too bad for you then why not read all the related useful threads regarding rules and ettiquete and then register and join in. You could wait until the servers have been up a while and join one that has less competitors for a quieter time and most of us don't bite and some of us failed/crashed more often than we'd care to admit when we started on it.

It doesn't cost and 'virtually' nothing can go too wrong :-)

Good luck and Merry Christmas to all

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