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Donations for servers

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:28 am
by dgtfer
Today 1/10/2017 begins the traditional campaign for donations from those who like our daily flights or the competitions (Grand Prix, K13 Cup, ...).
This call for donations will last until we can ensure funding during the year 2018.

Why donate ?

We do not own any hardware (servers, forums) and we have to rent the servers and our forum hosting.
We currently have a very reliable sytem with very good performances, installed by Snip and PhilippeFP, and it should be "Condor2 ready". These servers represent by far the main expenditure (several hundred euros / year in renting).
The funding of our system has always been based on voluntary and anonymous donations, and this has always allowed us to exist until now. If one day this was no longer enough, we would have to stop everything, just keeping in mind the memories of the good and long moments spent together...

How much should you donate ?

The amount is free: it is a donation, not a membership fee. And of course it is neither an act of charity, nor a gratification for the absolutely unpaid administrators!
We want to maintain this system of toll free flights and competitions. Each one gives according to the use and the satisfaction that it derives from the numerous hours of flights during the whole year. And you can compare this with the expenses for a meal in a restaurant, an hotel night or a movie ticket ...

How to give ?

1 - You just have to click here:,

2 - You will then receive the following form, in which you specify the amount of the donation, and click the "Continue" button,


3 - Paypal then asks you to login to your account:


4 - And you receive the following summary screen:


Attention : please state your Competition Number (CN) and forum nickname in the "Add a note" box, otherwise we wouldn't be able to identify you.

5 - If you agree with what is proposed, click on "Send money now".

The acknowledgment of receipt will let you know that your donation has arrived and is well received. If you do not see anything appear after a few days, do not hesitate to send an MP to an Admin (Marc or canastel9g).

Many thanks from the whole community :)