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[Dragonfly Provence Tour] Rules

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:12 am
Competition rules

:arrow: The Dragonfly Provence Tour, that’s :
- a team competition,
- 8 race days covering nearly 1350 km,
- one glider type: The Libelle,
- only one scenery: Provence, an invitation to do the grand tour through all its airfields, a tribute to the creator of a major scenery that we have explored in every nooks and crannies and from which we will probably never be tired.

:arrow: Start and finish will be at Saint-Crépin and the tour will be in the counterclockwise direction.

:arrow: Training race on 09/14/2011

:arrow: From Wednesday 09/21/2011 to Wednesday 11/09/2011: 8 team rounds
. This competition is open to all pilots being in possession of a legal version of Condor
. Every participant must agree to comply with these rules.

:arrow: To participate, you will have to register on Condor Club once the teams created by the team leaders.

:arrow: Registration on Condor Club is mandatory.

:arrow: By registering, you agree to commit for the duration of the competition, and except in cases of force majeure, to inform in advance your teammates about your absence → The score of your team may not be taken into account in some cases.

:arrow: The competition will run only on the scenery Provence 1.30.

:arrow: To participate, you must be in possession of the plane pack 2. Only the Libelle will be used.

:arrow: Teams formation
. Everything is managed on Condor Club, HERE
. Team leaders create their team on Condor Club by being the first to register and by giving a name to their team and if necessary, a password to communicate privately to his teammates.
. Discussion concerning the topic take place on the forum, HERE
. End of registrations: November 9, 2011
. Team leaders are in charge for forming entirely their team.
. Team size: 4 min. / 8 max.
. Organizers are reserving the right to modify teams in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

:arrow: Scoring
. The scoring is fully managed by the Condor Club.
. For each race, the team score will be the average of the results of all team members.
. The worst of the 8 races is not counted for the final ranking.
. In case of disconnection, the pilot must continue the task offline without any delay and upload his .ftr file on Condor Club site right after his finish
. Even outlanded or crashed, each pilot has to upload his .ftr file on Condor Club.
. Sending of the .ftr is mandatory for each pilot who has started the race – on pain of penalties in the general ranking.
. A PC crash is considered as a flying crash (0 points).

:arrow: Flying rules
. Starting: by towing (exclusively with Cmelak) or by winching.
. Thermal help: not allowed.
. External view: allowed for rounds with PDA, not allowed for rounds without PDA.
. Cloud penalties: yes
. Turn point help: allowed for rounds without PDA (max. view : 1km), not allowed for rounds with PDA.
. Flying recovery: no except for mid-air collision.
. Some rounds will be with PDA, others without.
. For rounds without PDA, you will have to take a picture to validate start and turn points, except the finish for which you just have to cross the line.
. 10 km around the start line, thermals must be turned left (even if the pilot has started the task)
. You have to turn in the same direction than the first plane in the thermal. Any change of turn direction must be done outside of the thermal
. Restart after crossing the 1st turn point is not allowed
. The glider with the ridge on his right wing has right of way
. Planes cross each others on the right side
. Passing a glider must be done on the right side

:arrow: Condor Servers
This information will remain unchanged for the duration of the competition:
a) Servers names (and category): FRxx - Dragonfly - Server A, B, C or D (category: “ official servers”)
b) Password: will be notified in the Condor Club briefing sent 1 hour before race start.
c) Servers opening: 20H30 Paris time (CET) which is 18H30 UTC (summer time) and 19H30 UTC (winter time).
d) Stopjoin: 20 mn - RaceStart: 10 mn + 60 mn to start

:arrow: The race will be a transhumance (start from the airfield of arrival of the previous round).

:arrow: No global view of the course in advance.

:arrow: Claims and requests
- Claims and requests by PM (Private Message on the Forum) or eMail will be completely ignored !
- Any claim or request has to be submitted on forums or
- As far as claims are concerned, a pilot must file a claim in the appropriate topic, 48h maximum after the start of the race.

:arrow: Organization team
- The main organizer is LEAN (AL) and she is assisted by Natthi (T54) and Philippe (FP). They form the organization team
- The organization team can change the Dragonfly Provence Tour rules anytime, as necessary
- All the decisions of the organization team are final

:arrow: Cheating
- The organization team will take action against cheating pilots
- Cheating can lead to disqualification of the team

Re: [Dragonfly Provence Tour] Rules

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:00 pm
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Re: [Dragonfly Provence Tour] Rules

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:43 pm

Even outlanded or crashed, each pilot has to upload his .ftr file on Condor Club (Competition page, not only Pilots ranking page).
Sending of the .ftr is mandatory for each pilot who has started the race – on pain of penalties in the general ranking.


Re: [Dragonfly Provence Tour] Rules

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:06 am
by PhilippeFP
Please note that with the winter time, the servers start at 19:30 utc