[SBC2015] Must read: password, FTR upload, request...

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[SBC2015] Must read: password, FTR upload, request...

Postby LEAN » Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:42 pm

[SBC2015] MUST READ : password, ftr upload, requests...

1) Before the day of the race:
:arrow: Make sure that your PC and Condor installation work properly (no crash to desktop, blue screen, etc.).
:arrow: Check the next sceneries to be used, install them and make sure they work properly. Adapt your graphic settings if necessary (some HD sceneries need reduced distance visibility).

2) The day of the race:
:arrow: Don't forget to fly the races with your First name, Last name and competition number that you registrered on Condor Club. If you don't, you will not be scored.
:arrow: The briefing and password are sent 45 mn before the opening of the servers. If you don't receive the e-mail, please check your spam folder.
:arrow: Below is an alternative solution to retrieve the briefing and the password on Condor Club 45 mn before the opening of the servers (You must be registered to the competition and logged on Condor Club, then, click on the tab "Competitions") :
:arrow: No alcohol 24 hours before, eat light, bring some snacks and drinks, put a bob or cap, sunglasses :mrgreen:
:arrow: Chek your glider commands before the flight
:arrow: check max altitude for the start on the flight planner before entering simulation, otherwise you will see nothing but blue
:arrow: Respect the priorities in flight: turn left before the start less 10 km from the start, and the first on the thermal determines the direction of the rotation then, also on ridges (the one that has the rigde to his right has priority)

3) After the race:
:arrow: don't take off again after crossing the finish line and landing on a competition flight
:arrow: Register your ftr under a meaningful name (eg SBCDayXXYourCN). This is this ftr you must send as soon as possible on the CC and not the LastTrack
:arrow: Whatever happens (task completed, crash, disconnection), to be scored, every pilot MUST upload his .ftr file on the Condor Club before the deadline.
:arrow: In case of problems sending ftr, don't wait 3 hours before to try again. If it don't works, try again. If it don't works anymore, try another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.). If at least, it's not possible, please, upload your ftr on the Pilots ranking before the deadline and report your problem on the forum as soon as possible
:arrow: No exception for forgetting or mistaking .ftr files :!:
:arrow: Information requests or claims MUST be submitted on the forum - and ONLY on the forum - not later than 48 hours after the end of the race. :!:
:arrow: In any case, PM and e-mail will be ignored. :!:
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