[SBC2015] Alternative ranking

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[SBC2015] Alternative ranking

Postby LEAN » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:18 pm


At our request, Philippe LEMONTOIS (CN = ​​PDS) has developed a tool to recalculate the overall ranking by retaining only the top N results of each pilot.

:arrow: Why this alternative ranking?

The overall ranking shown in the Condor Club is only realistic at the very end of the competition, because it doesn't make the difference between pilots with lots of results and those who have a few races less to their credit.

By simplifying a lot : as long as the competition has not reached the stage where we ran more races than the number of results retained at the end, totals and therefore "SBC2014 Overall Ranking" of the Condor Club are not really homogeneous.

The other general ranking displayed in the Condor Club, the one made by the average points per race won by each pilot, partially corrects things but nevertheless takes account of "landed" or "failed" flights, which will be, for most pilots, excluded from the final calculation at the end of the competition by other best results.

The new alternative ranking is an acceptable compromise to get a better idea of the intermediate overall ranking of the pilots even if they have not flown the same number of races in the competition.

:arrow: How to access it?


:arrow: How does it work?


The page suggests a N value which corresponds to the best compromise following the progress of the competition to get a feel as close as possible to what will be the final ranking while the competition is still in progress.
But you can change this value.

In the alternative ranking, links are available for details on races taken into account, like what is done on CondorClub:


Attention: the alternative ranking is not in real-time, the update is usually done the day after the day of the race.

:arrow: From when and until when this alternative ranking is relevant?

When we are at a stage of the competition between two fifteenths (2/15) and fourteen fifteenths (14/15) of the total number of races scheduled, the alternative ranking is more accurate and more representative than the Condor Club's one. The range of validity of the alternative ranking is based on two terminals whose values ​​(2/15 and 14/15). They might be discussed, but experience dictates those ones.

Applied to the 33 races in total for the SBC2014, it gives about: Day5 of the Day31 included. Between these two dates the alternative ranking makes complete sense.

Before the Day5, both rankings of the Condor Club are sufficient. After the Day31 (ie for the last 2 days of racing), other more complex concepts (such as the ability of a skilled pilot but not very present to catch up, etc..) come into play, and only slightly distort the alternative ranking.

:arrow: Other statistics

Other statistics such as wins or entries in the Top 10, are available through these menus:


Image A huge thank you to Philippe (PDS) for this great achievement which will be very useful to better follow this competition!!!
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Re: [SBC2015] Alternative ranking

Postby Simicro » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:28 pm


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Re: [SBC2015] Alternative ranking

Postby lemontois » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:13 am

fyi Alternative Ranking is in place for SBC2016 at http://sbc2016.lemontois.eu
(Explanation may be found here)
PDS - Lemontois

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