[SBC2015] Understanding alternative ranking by the image

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[SBC2015] Understanding alternative ranking by the image

Postby LEAN » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:37 am

As we are at the middle of the competition (race #16 completed, out of a total of 33), to get a good idea of the real ranking, it is important for everybody to check http://sbc2014.lemontois.eu/

To better understand the alternative ranking, let's consider a case study: 2 pilots with the same number of points after the day #10.

Pilot A obtained very good scores but performed underachievement and did not participated to 3 of the 10 races.

Pilot B participated to all races, but got average results.

In the Condor Club ranking, both pilots get exactly the same score (sum of 10 results).

But knowing that only the top 20 results out of 33 races will be held, we have a better projection on what could be the final ranking by taking into account only two thirds (~ 20/33) of best results already obtained (assuming that the pilots would be consistent in their results).

So for the day 10, Corrected Ranking will propose to take into account only the 6 best results.

We see that in this case, pilot A gets more points than the pilot B and deserves a much better place.

This is normal, because if both pilots maintain the same success rate, the pilot A would keep that good scores and eliminate all his underachievement, while the pilot B would eliminate scores close to his average performance.
And this is why, while you got the 32th position in the Condor Club Ranking after the 10th race, you may be the first one in the Corrected Ranking....

Let’s try to illustrate this ...:
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Top 25 pilots after SBC14 Day 17

Postby EDB » Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:29 pm

Top 25 pilots after SBC14 Day 17
2014 SBC - Overall Corrected Ranking - Day 17.png

Some results have changed on condor-club.eu
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