Peculiar frame rate anomaly

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Peculiar frame rate anomaly

Postby Spirals » Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:28 pm

Hi all

I have recently changed computer and presumed W8.1 (previously no issue with W7) is the cause of the occasional very low frame rates I am finding in certain sceneries.

SBC 2014 Day 3 HW_SW Germany take off airfield Hahnweide produced a FPS of 5 and a poorer ping rate causing other aircraft behind me in the launch queue to fly through me and my tug :-) on tow, basically unflyable.

I presumed it was the whole scenery but as an experiment found that flying from Muhouse on the same scenery produced a FPS of 100 + (with all the same Condor setting, with except for the tree density, set on maximum).

Further investigation showed that Rossfield and Grabbenstette (not far from Hahnweide) produced a similar poor FPS of 5 - Taking off from Farrenberg (FPS 100+) and flying towards Rossfield I found that about 14km from Farrenberg the scenery hesitated and dropped immediatley from a smooth 100+ FPS to a very jerky 5 FPS and less. It was possible to fly from one side of this invisible line to the other and return from the slow to the fast FPS and vica versa. I imagined that this anomaly must have been contained in an area (shape unknown) around the Hahnweide area of the scenery.

Looking in that landscape's folder within the Airports folder I discovered a file '' which at 6,112KB is 12 times larger than the next largest in that folder of which there are quite a few at 487KB.

Removing this file allowed the frame rates flying from Hahnwiede to be 100+ as per the other fields. I have lost all the hangar's etc and suspect that the shadow of the airfield is no longer in the same place and that landing in an area from which a restart could be carried out would be very tricky. I was also able to join on-line a server for that scenery without having any compatability issues.

If this a windows version issue is there anything that can be done or might it be a graphics issue? The W8.1 machine uses AMD the W7 used NVIDIA might there be something in the settings which would help if changed?

Season's Greeting to all.

A very confused - Steve

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