New competition of a new kind

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New competition of a new kind

Postby PhilippeFP » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:36 pm

Hello everyone :D

Book your Tuesday evenings from November 3 to December 15, 2015!

:arrow: Ask13 Cup weather types!
:arrow: SBC atmosphere!
:arrow: 100% fun guaranteed!
:arrow: Fair difficulties!
:arrow: PDA allowed!

:arrow: The best will not necessarily be the first!
:arrow: The less skilled will not necessarily be the last!

Get ready for the first competition on Condor that adapts the scoring based on your decisions, without being a talented competitor :)

Stay tuned, more info soon! :twisted:

:mrgreen: If you like the Ask13 Cup, you'll love!
:mrgreen: If you like the spirit of the SBC, you'll enjoy!
:mrgreen: If you like to fly with friends, you'll have fun!
:mrgreen: If you wonder what's all this about, give it a try!

A competition open to all pilots of any level 8)

Stay tuned, more info soon

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