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Condor GP 2017 - Rules

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:06 pm
by dgtfer

This competition is divided in two parts:

:arrow: 14 Qualification Races.

:arrow: The Grand Final Race.

Qualifications for the Grand Final Race may be validated either by direct qualification for the 2 first pilots in each race, or by finishing among the top 4 pilots in general ranking for the 14 qualification days !

:arrow: Registration and dates
- This competition is an individual competition opened to all Condor pilots but registration on Condor Club is mandatory
- Competition is free but watch your available credits of ftr upload. If you are not a Condor-Club premium member you can upload a maximum of 5 .ftr files per month
- Registration on forum - is strongly recommended to be informed of technical problems especially when close to race time
- Dates, race days, total number of Race days :

:arrow: training day: wednesday 12/04 18h15 UTC

:arrow: Qualifications:

- sunday 16/04 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 19/04 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 23/04 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 26/04 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 30/04 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 3/05 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 7/05 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 10/05 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 14/05 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 17/05 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 21/05 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 24/05 - 18h15 UTC
- sunday 28/05 - 15h15 UTC
- wednesday 31/05 - 18h15 UTC

:arrow: The Grand Final Race: sunday 4/06 18h15 UTC

- Registration on Condor Club:

:arrow: Briefing, gliders and sceneries:

- "H" being the time when the servers open (see below), briefing will be available:
. in a simplified form on Condor Club and by eMail at H-45min
. in a comprehensive form on Condor Club at H-15min

- For each race, only one class of gliders will be allowed and defined (no "all class" races)
- No use of "fox", "PW-5", "ASK13" gliders and "Club Class" during this competition
- Required sceneries will be announced for the next 3 races on Condor Club

:arrow: Condor Servers
- Simultaneous opening of at least 6-9 Condor Servers at 20H15 (on wednesdays) and 17h15 (on sundays) Paris time (CET) which is 18H15 and 15h15 UTC
- Servers names (and category) : "FRxx - CONDORGP2017 - srv A" (" official servers") ... [or server B or C, D, E, F, etc., J]
- Password : will be notified in the Condor Club briefing and the eMail
- Maximum Ping allowed : 500 ms.
- Jointime : 20 mn
- Race in : 10 mn for normal start, 20 mn for regatta start
- Start time window : opened during 60 mn (for normal start)

:arrow: Realism parameters
- Plane icon range : 4 km.
- Thermal helpers : not allowed
- Turnpoint helper range : 0 km (even on no-PDA tasks)
- Realtime scoring: not allowed
- External view : NOT allowed
- Padlock view : not allowed
- Plane recovery : not allowed
- Height recovery : not allowed
- Mid-air collision recovery : allowed without penalty
- Cloud flying : allowed with penalty (60pts per min)

:arrow: Rules in the sky
- 10 km around the start line, thermals must be turned left (even if the pilot has started the task)
- You have to turn in the same direction than the first plane in the thermal. Any change of turn direction must be done outside of the thermal
- Restart after crossing the 1st waypoint is not allowed
- The glider with the ridge on his right wing has right of way
- Planes cross each others on the right side ("French way of driving" ;))
- Overtaking a glider must be done on the right side

:arrow: Scoring for Qualification Races
- In the end, only the 7 best results of each pilot will be counted for his final general ranking
- There is no replacement flight in case of cancellation of one of the qualification races.
- To be scored, a pilot must upload his .ftr file on the Condor Club site before 01H30 UTC
- In case of a disconnection, the pilot must continue the task offline without any delay and upload his .ftr file on Condor Club website right after his finish
- Even outlanded or crashed, each pilot has to upload his .ftr file on the Condor Club site before 01H30 UTC
- Due to the big number of competitors, we have to apply the rules without any exception so .ftr files sent out of delay will be ignored and considered as missing and consequently the race will not be scored
- Any missing FTR or FTR wich don't indicate a normal end of flight (outlanding, end of circuit) will be considered as crash. It's up to the pilots to verify their hardware / configuration. As the pre-flight procedure in real somehow.
- A pilot disconnected from the server has to continue his flight without interruption, as if he were still connected. For obvious fairness reasons compared to the still connected pilots, the use of the 'Pause' Key is not allowed
- A pilot disconnected from the server has to upload his .ftr file to the Condor Club site WITHOUT ANY DELAY after the end of his flight, otherwise he will be considered as having used the Pause key abusively and will not be scored for that race
- A pilot disconnected from the server, and unable to upload any .ftr file after his flight, is considered as crashed as we have no way to prove it's not the case
- A Crash during a race gives a no score for the pilot at that race.

:arrow: Grand Final Qualification :

- For each of the 14 qualification flights, the first 2 pilots non already qualified, will be qualified for the Grand Final Race.
- Qualification after each flight is definitive (no possible Withdrawal for a specific flight).
- A pilot already qualified is aloud to fly the other races.
- A general ranking is established on all 14 qualification flights.
- the first 4 pilots in this ranking non already qualified are also qualified.
- In case of withdrawal of a qualified pilot, the next non qualified in the general ranking will be qualified in his place.
- In the event of cancellation of one of the qualification flights, the 2 first pilots not previously qualified on the general ranking will be qualified
- Only the 7 best results are taken in account for the general ranking.
- A Qualification Board will be published in the forums and, and updated after each qualification race.

:arrow: Grand Final Race specific rules:

- The Grand Final task will be posted on Condor-Club as a single race, independently from the Qualification Competition.
- .ftr upload will be carried out according to the same modalities as the Qualification round, but directly on the specific task page.
- Only the 32 qualified pilots will be ranked in the official Grand Final board.
- This ranking will be according to the same rules than qualification races: 1000 points for the leader, same penalties.
- The task setting of the Grand Final will be done by an independent committee, chosen by the organizing team, and the task will be kept secret till servers opening.
- A special server will be reserved for the 32 qualified pilots, other servers will be opened to all other pilots.
- None of the competitors will have knowledge of the task beforehand, otherwise they would be disqualified.

- The title of Condor GP 2017 Champion will be awarded to the Victor of the Grand Final.

:arrow: Complaints, claims and requests:

- Complaints, claims and requests by PM (Private Message on the Forum or Condor Club) or eMail will be completely ignored !
- Any complaint or request has to be submitted on the forums or in the relevant topic.
- As far as claims are concerned, a pilot must file a claim in the appropriate topic, 48h maximum after the start of the race. After that period the topic will be locked and the organizers will announce their decision before the next race.

:arrow: Organization team
- Organizers :arrow: Marc, Canastel9g, Dgtfer.
- The organization team can change the competition rules anytime, as necessary
- All the decisions of the organization team are final

:arrow: Cheating
- The organization team will take action against cheating pilots
- Cheating can lead to disqualification

NB: these rules are a simple translation of the original (french) ones, in case of contradiction or error, we should always refer to the original text.

Condor GP 2017 - Sceneries

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:22 pm
by dgtfer
Sceneries used during Condor GP 2017 :

Training day : AA

Day 1 : AA
Day 2 : SouthTurkey
Day 3 : SouthTurkey
Day 4 : Patagonia
Day 5 : Patagonia
Day 6 : SouthernNorway3
Day 7 : SouthernNorway3
Day 8 : Lijiang
Day 9 : Lijiang
Day 10 : Corsica
Day 11 : Corsica
Day 12 : BigPyrenees
Day 13 : BigPyrenees
Day 14 : AA

Grand Final Race : AA

Condor GP 2017 - Qualification Board

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:07 am
by dgtfer
you will find the Qualification Board here: