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Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:59 am
by dgtfer

NB: Special training No PDA tasks are launched on Fridays 18:15 UTC on FR03

Re: Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:42 pm
by dgtfer
The Great Comeback of the ASK13-Cup, always in team, without PDA and always in joy, (and pain?) and good humor. :wink:

In this new edition we'll go every Tuesday evening, quietly, revisit the Alps in a 8 days transhumance, from Sollières through Saint Crépin, Seyne les Alpes, Albertville, Reichenbach, Lugano, Sondrio-Caiolo, Vipiteno-Sterzin, Dobbiaco and finally to Lesce-Bled.

:arrow: - Prologue (Training race) the 03/10/2017 18:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 1 the 10/10/2017 18:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 2 the 17/10/2017 18:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 3 the 24/10/2017 18:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 4 the 31/10/2017 19:30 UTC (End of summer daylight-saving!)
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 5 the 07/11/2017 19:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 6 the 14/11/2017 19:30 UTC
:arrow: - Day of competition n ° 7 the 21/11/2017 19:30 UTC

- This competition is open to pilots in possession of a legal version of Condor.
- Any participant agrees to comply with these rules.
:arrow: - To participate you must register on the Condor Club, once the teams have been created by the team leaders.
:arrow: - Registration for the Condor Club is mandatory.
:arrow: - By signing up, you agree to be bound for the whole duration of the competition and, except in case of force majeure, to notify your teammates in advance in case of absence -> The score of your team can be canceled in some cases.
- All races take place on the Arc Alpin scenery, participants must have installed it.
Tip: do not wait until the last moment to install the scenery and test the operation on your PC.

:arrow: Team formation
- Everything is managed by the Condor Club here:
- The team leaders create their team on the CondorClub, registering first and giving a name to the team, a registration password (which the team leader will give privately to his teammates) .
- The exchanges on this subject take place on this forum or on the french forum: ... 04&t=16237
- Registration is possible until the last day of the competition.
- Team leaders are responsible for training 100% of their team.
- Team of 3 minimum and 6 maximum.
- The maximum number of teams is not limited ...
- The organizers reserve the right to reorganize the teams in order to ensure the smooth running of the competition.

:arrow: Scoring
- Scoring is managed entirely by the Condor Club.
- For each race, it is always the 3rd best ranked of the team that gives points to the team.
- The worst of the 7 rounds is not counted for the final classification.
- In case of disconnection of the server, a driver can continue the race and send his .ftr to the Condor Club, at the end of his race.
- Even outlanded, the pilot must send his .ftr to the CondorClub.
- A crash of the PC is counted as a crash in flight (0 points).

:arrow: Rules in flight
- Take off: by towing, exclusively in Turbo Cmelak or by winch.
- Aid for thermal visualization: no
- Outside view: yes
- Cloud penalties: yes
- TP poles viewing : yes (an help for photo-shooting and, above all, to visualize the forbidden zones.)
- Recovery key: no, except for in-flight collision, and without penalty
- For the 7 races, Start validation and TP passages will need a photo-shoot with both your left wingtip and the point .
- The starting altitude is not limited, but beware of the forbidden zone!
- No photo required for the arrival: just cross the line.

:arrow: Servers
This information will remain unchanged throughout the duration of the competition:
A) Name of the server (and name of the category): 20h30 - CONDOR K13-2017 - Server A, B, C or D (category " official servers")
B) Password: it will be communicated in the briefing sent one hour before the race of the day.
C) Opening of the server: 20h30 Paris time - Either 18h30 UTC in summer time or 19h30 UTC in winter time.
D) Stopjoin 20 minutes - RaceStart 3 minutes + 60 minutes to leave.

As with a famous cycling race, trailers may be used to travel to a more distant departure aerodrome.

:arrow: Jury
- Organizers: Dgtfer, Canastel9g, Marc
- They also form the Jury.
- The Jury is sovereign and its decisions are final.
- The Jury reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time.
- Any attempt to cheat will be sanctioned by the Jury.
- Organizers can participate in the competition.
- The recognition of the circuit before and / or during the race is strictly forbidden. Any attempt will have as immediate result the banning of all the team concerned, with retroactive effect, if discovered of the attempt later.

:arrow: Information and tips
- Read the rules carefully.
- Team Leaders: use Forum Private Messages, and TeamSpeak for your recruitments.
- Practice the validation of the TP by taking pictures: point the tip of the left wing towards the base of the TP and take the photo with the key "S". For the photo to be valid, it is necessary to be in the right sector (indicated on the flight plan of each race).
- Print out the FlightPlan before departure
- Communication on TeamSpeak should be brief and concise so as not to clutter the frequency.
:arrow:Questions and Comments on team formation:
Post them on this topic: ... 04&t=16237

Re: Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:18 am
by dgtfer
Congratulations to the Melting Potes :wink:
Always so fast!
A simple task, not very complicated in navigation, though some had the bad idea to go up to Mont Blanc ....

We want to apologize for the delay in the race start, but while the server had always been faithfully performing, it had to be reprogrammed and launch manually...

But Marc did it in only 11 minutes, many thanks to him!

Re: Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:23 pm
by Ikarus
thx Michel,
always a pleasure to compete with you and your team.
No, we did not went into this pitfall :mrgreen:
AND: thx Marc for restart it within 11min, +++

great pleasure this teamflying competition

Re: Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:43 am
by Ikarus
Congrat FaF-polish team, good team job.
cu next week in the air and enjoy the wonderful Tessin landscape, flying a slow ask13
greetings on behalf of "les melting potes"

Re: Condor K13 Cup 2017

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:19 am
by mada2000
Congrats to all and thanks to the organizators.
Well done !!!
F&F Team