Accurate Runway Positioning

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Accurate Runway Positioning

Postby GregHart1965 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:26 pm

A better method for getting your runways to line up with the image in photoreal sceneries.

Altering the runway position in LE (as suggested in the original Manual for CST) makes it inaccurate to real life causing misalignment when using XC Soar with an airpsace file that has runways in it. You want to keep the runway lat and long exactly as it is in real life.

The way to achieve this is to move the backgound image so that it lines up, rather than moving the runway itself.

1: Have LE open showing your runway, determine which dds tile (patch/es) it sits on, then open that txxyy bitmap from the 'working\textures' folder in Photoshop.
2: Select a large-ish area around the airport with the marquee tool set to a feather of 30px or more. Then 'edit>paste in place' (ensures it stays in the right place).
3:Alter the opacity of the new layer to about 50% so you can see through it.
4: Then 'edit>transform>warp' and move the runway by clicking on the runway ends and dragging them to where you want them to be (refer to LE for accuracy). Note: Do not warp the edges of the image - your selection must be big enough to avoid doing this. Press enter to accept the changes.
5: Adjust the layer opacity back to 100%. Flatten the image and save.
6: Then (to save time) save the image again directly to your 'Your Landscape\Textures' folder as .DDS DXT1 using the NVIDIA DDS plug in for photoshop (available free from NVIDIA's site).
7: Lastly copy the txxyy bitmap from 'working/textures' and paste it in the 'Smalls' sub-folder in the same directory relacing the old file.

Go back to LE and click on your scenery name in the drop down list again to reload the new texture - check alignment.

This method is actually quicker than fiddling with the UTM lat/long (provided your warping is done carefully) and keeps the runway where it should be. Avoid warping and re-warping an image too many times as it will start to blur badly - maybe practice on a copy until you are happy with the

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