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Re: Copyright protection of sceneries

Postby GregHart1965 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:33 pm

My last scenery has very little of Google in it, some patches but other than that the textures are all from free open licence sources. I have an opportunity to get South Africa Arial Photographs of high quality also from a free and open source which should eliminate Google from scenery production altogether.

There is also a ton of artwork done to the scenery, not just colour and level corrections but rendering of water etc. Not to mention a lot of work going into the objects where I have tried as much as possible to take my own photographs and build my own objects rather than use other peoples. I can understand the need for a free library of objects for people who just dont want to build them but it will get boring if every scenery has the same objects over and over again. So I hope to make something that is unique and YES I feel worth something - maybe not as much as Cafdael's sceneries but a lesser figure.

Anyway Im still considering the options around this and it is interesting to read all the points of view expressed here. And I will happily contribute some objects at least for public use.

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