Rallye des Andes

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Rallye des Andes

Postby phil_delaine » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:34 am

Hi, Everybody,

The « Rallye des Andes » is an individual competition consisting of a North/South journey over the Andes' Cordillera.
A 4429 km flight starting at the Columbian jungle down to the south of the desert iced Patagonia gliding over Peru, the Atacama desert, Chile and Argentina.

20 races overall, every Saturday at 12.30 UTC or 13.30 (1.30 PM) Paris time, from Saturday 31st of October to Saturday 19th of December 2015 and from Saturday 9th of January to Saturday 26th of March 2016.

Gliders : Standard, 15m, 18m, Open et… ASK13 (2 flights out of 20)

Registration is at the Condor Club. Have nice exciting flights.

The Andes' Cordillera is something that needs to be worked for ! Then, welcome to hell.
Join Condor Café at http://condor-velivole.eu/

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