Condor Races Refly - new tool

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Condor Races Refly - new tool

Postby lemontois » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:14 pm

@moderators: Not sure this is the right place for such a post ... feel free to move it ... thx and sorry.

Hello everyone,
I developed a small utility that allows Condor users to retrieve flight plans (FPL) of races they flew during online flights.

Besides giving you the list of online races you flew,
- It indicates also all TPs and the result of the race on your server when you left
- it is possible to get (by double-clicking on a row) a copy of the FPL in your "flight plans" directories (“Default”) "or" User ") or directly as the current flight.

- The v1.2.2 brings also :
* A link to the race recorded on Condor-Club (the Condor-Club icon is displayed when appropriate)
* Ability to use startup options on the command line:
- "CndrRacesRefly.exe " / d : to launch the program in debug mode (The Pilot then displays / hides information for debug)
- " CndrRacesRefly.exe " / nl : to disable automatically of the races list when launching the program (use the icon at the top of the progress bar to manually load the races)

* Please note that the time to load the list is directly linked to the number of races . It has been noticed a delay of about 60 seconds to load 4500 races . So be patient.
* Use the mouse instead of the keyboard to navigate on the race list.

You will find the final version (ZIP format) here
(note for people from the French forum : v 1.2.2 = 1.2.1 .
Odd revision number => language = French
Even revision number => Language = (my) English)

Hoping that this small program will help.

Good flights to all.

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PDS - Lemontois

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Re: Condor Races Refly - new tool

Postby startrek99 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:39 am

Thanks . I will use it.

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